Round Ball day

This morning the Master Gardner asked me what was on my agenda today?  I had mentioned that KU played Oklahoma State and the K-State played Texas.  I guess my hints were too subtle.  Dear, between the hours of 1 and five, I will watch round ball and perhaps take a nap during the proceedings.   This is all in an effort to regain my health from the creeping crud that had overtaken my life for the last three weeks.  (Good excuses sometimes work)

I have started the annual Income Tax war.  I start by taking everything out of the file (2nd drawer down in the kitchen desk) and begin to sort it.  I now have about 12 little piles and I then sort them by date.  Sometime in the next day or so I will dig out the bank statements from Jan 2014 that were put in the 2013 Tax filing.  I will keep the Jan 2015 bank statements in the 2014 file until next year. 

One of the first things I do is to do an overall balance sheet.  I put the current value of the investments and things I own on one sheet and see if I am moving in the right direction.  Even  making some good decisions for others has kept me moving the right direction.  I tend to be conservative and the new $8,000 roof did not change the appraised value of one of my rental homes.  It should but I didn't make that change.  The new storage building here at Rabbit Run was also not added to the value.  Oh well.   One of the changes was that the 50 Ford went away this year and to a happy home over in Missouri. 

One of these days, there will be a better way to scare deer away from the roads.  Last night my son called and said that he managed to hit one on his way home from work.  He doesn't have any idea how much damage it caused but he will need a new right front fender and possibly some grill work.  He knows we will be able to loan him a car for a week or so while his is getting fixed.  Oh well, what are parent's for if not to help.  That costs him a few moments of guidance now and then.

When I go from my blog to the "Next Blog" after posting the new one, it takes me to crafty, artsy- Fartsy blogs that I don't think fits the theme of mine.   No, I don't really know what the theme of this blog is, cause it just flows out of my mind and finger tips as I compose each day.  The part I don't like is that once Blogger assigns a category for the next blog, it wants to stay there. 

Have you ever thought about what is the value of the personal property you own?   Having gone through a tornado in 83, I have an idea that it is a lot more than you might think.  You scoff?  Think about your cameras, the TV's, the furniture and down to the smallest appliances you own and I am sure that it mounts up way more than you might think.  One way my insurance company tells me to do it is to take the digital camera and walk from room to room taking pictures.  Take that SD card out and put it in a fire proof safe.  Best to put it in a safety Deposit box but right now I don't have one.  Our local bank closed and we just have our important papers in fire proof safes.  Oh well.

Better go get cleaned up to meet the day.  I haven't shaved for a couple of days and I look like a hobo that has lived on the street for a few days.  I wish I felt that good.


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