Where has the time Gone?

This week has been a blur doing the taxes and recovering from this darned crud.  I worked on a string of figures until my eyes bled and then realized that I had used the wrong number and now have to re do it.  It is the repeated manipulation of numbers that gets to me.  The talking to people is a blast for me and numbers just challenge me.

Today, Barb is working the Lawn and Garden Show and I will go to the Jayhawk game alone.   I may stop and see if a ticket scalper has a better seat to trade for two tickets.  I wasn't sure that our Valentines day Quartet would be free today and it worked out that most of our business was yesterday.  I hope she comes home from her day in better shape than I did yesterday.  All I did was drive and taker care of a few administrative matters and it just wore me out.  She is a week behind me in the illness and I hope she does better than I did.

I ordered a new carburetor for the 57 and it has not been warm enough to get out in the storage building and put it on.  I sure hope it helps the motor run a lot smoother.  This spring I will probably put a set of disc brakes and a rack and steering system on it.  I am going to try to get it back on the road and drive it more often.   I really love the 57 Chevy and there is just no need to not use it. 

For some reason there is a bunch of old WWII movies on TV and like a nut I cannot not watch them.  Westerns and war movies are my kind of movies.  Throw in an action flick now and then and I am happy. 

Oh well, I need to get moving.  Perhaps tomorrow I can spend a little more time.


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