Mo' Betta

Last night I finally broke down and took one of those nighttime cold meds with 10% alcohol.   Even with the naps I took yesterday, I think I slept almost 10 hours.   I can see the Master Gardener is a little better even though there are stereo coughs now and then.  No fevers that I can tell for both of us. 

This morning there was an article about Title IX and the Universities in the BIG XII.   I am at a loss as to how anyone can make that work.   Consider K-State.  They have a big football program and a Basketball team that sells out both stadiums.  I'll bet their woman's basketball teams have enough trouble getting a crowd as does KU.  When you consider what they pay in costs and the revenues they generate how could you ever make parity work?   There is an old saying - Figures Lie and Liars figure.  Perhaps if you consider it on a per player basis, the amount given in scholarship to each player might be easy but I'll bet not to the entire program.   I'm glad I don't have to get in the middle of that.

Speaking of strange things.  I have been watching a lot of BIG XII Men's basketball on Saturdays and Wednesdays on TV.  Throw in an occasional Monday evening and I probably have seen a game played in every venue.  It is always a surprise that the stadiums are never full unless it is KU in a visit.  There are a few rivalries that rival KU and Iowa State but even then I see seats available.  Never at KU.  For longer than they have held the Championship (10 Years) they have been sold out.  Barb and I have season tickets and have to sit two rows apart to watch the games.  It might be that she doesn't like to sit by me as I flinch during the game but I hope not.  After 46+ years she knows me by now.  lets see 2015 - 1968, on the 11th of Feb it will be 47 years.  I have been married 71% or my life.

Yesterday started with the temperature in the single digits.  Overnight the wind shifted to the south and it didn't get colder at all.  Sometime today it is predicted to be in the 60's and tomorrow in the 70's.  I think I will get a lawn chair and sit outside on the deck some.  A little sunshine can't hurt.

One of my nieces said she couldn't find her glasses and said a little prayer to get some help.  She said that the next place she looked there they were.  I am glad that she feels it works for her.  I am reminded of the time in Vietnam we were on a lonely road in the middle of no where in a convoy and it got dark before we could get back to our camp.  SGT Trerratola kept saying, "Just you and me Lord, Just you and me!"  I didn't feel the hand of god that night, but I didn't die either.  I guess what ever works, works.

One of the reasons I am pretty sure that we will get out and get rolling is that the Master gardener doesn't have any books to read.  It will be interesting to see just how long she waits to want to leave.  My prediction is sometime after the Price is Right finishes. 

Yesterday I slipped out for a short time and stopped at Dillon's.   They have oranges two for a dollar and they are the best I have had this year.  They are juicy, sweet and are great for eating.  Barb likes to slice the ends off, slice the orange lengthwise and then slice the two sections into rounds.  That makes the easy to eat and I'll bet we have both eaten two a day for a week.  Great taste and a good source of vitamin C.    

Have a great day out there.  I hope to be on the mend soon and back singing my butt off.  On by the way, this crud has almost destroyed my sense of taste and I'll bet I am down 5 lbs. 


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