Lets Get Real

As I peruse the paper, several things just jump out at me.   For one, a man running for City Council denies he has any criminal record because he completed diversion programs rather than going to jail.  His adopted family is "rich" and powerful and have used their money to bail him out time after time.  He is a natural to go on to be a bigger politician.  When you can't tell the truth from reality, politics should be your game.   If he can't run for governor, who told everyone that his tax cuts would help us grow (right into a 400 million dollar deficit) perhaps he should run our History Museum and AIR BRUSH things on important drawings that depict the reality of Kansas. 

I can tell "War Stories" or "Big boy Fairy Tales" with the best of them.  With that said, I think telling out right lies is about the worst thing you can do.  When in doubt, tell the truth.  You generally won't get fired for making a mistake but you damn sure can for covering up one with lies.  In spite of the good things Richard Nixon did in his lifetime, he was forever branded a liar for Watergate's cover up. And for damn good reason.   Had he said from the first that his team made a mistake he would have been chastised for a period of time but not forever.  Who will ever forget "I didn't have sex with that woman."  or a part of the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" that made it happen.  "No Big Thing" should echo in the next election cycle.

Having lived with a schoolteacher for a lot of years, I will promise you that they spend a significant part of their salary every year on things for their classroom.  Even with the help of the PTA's they all chip in to make their classroom a fun place to learn.  Now, the local school district is having to cut the supply budgets to make up for the giant blunder the Governor and the Legislature made that will result in less money going to schools. 

The next time you hear that our roads are in miserable shape and the Government wants to pass bonds, remember the millions taken out of the Highway Department budget for construction paid for by our tax on Gasoline and Diesel.  Our local school district won't allocate money to take care of the buildings because they know they can always get a bond election approved when the roof leaks.

So, the point of this is that we, not just me, need to get real and open out eyes to lies people tell.  When a politician tells us that a deficit isn't a bad thing, ask them if they could get elected without money from the voters.  They don't do much with their money, and they damn sure don't know how to treat ours.   Because the system has caused millions of our kids to not have jobs that have a retirement, doesn't mean that we can let the Social Security system fail too.  I know that I will do my best to leave my son and his wife with a few dollars when I die unless the government figures out a way to screw them out of that too. 

OK Jayhawk fans, no one should have expected this team to go undefeated this year.  They are a darned good group of student athletes that are fun to watch.  I don't want Perry Ellis to feel bad that he didn't hit the winning bucket, I want him to feel good that he scored 19 points in a tough game.   

Other than that, have a great day out there. 


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