Warning This Post May Increase Your Blood pressure

This morning, CNN carried a short segment about the response from the Government about the possible ransom of the US female aid worker that was killed by ISIS.   They contrasted the exchange of Bo Burgdahl for the terrorists held in Cuba.   I was kind of struck by how unfair this was until I was reminded that the aid worker was there as a volunteer and Bo had been sent there by our Military.  I won't even get into why he was captured as that is a legal matter that I don't have to be responsible for.  I am sympathetic to the family for their loss but I lack the feeling of responsibility for her going there. 

On the heels of that story was one of at least one young woman that the Government thinks is going to aid ISIS in their war on everyone but Muslims.   As I recall the law, taking up arms or providing aid and comfort for another country or Army in Wartime is cause to revoke your citizenship.  That is my solution to that problem. Aid our enemy and you lose the label "American."

I will promise you that the idea of a woman going to help a group of men so set on taking the rights of women away from them is just hard for me to put in my brain housing group.  That group thinks nothing of making their women wear veils not get an education and then raping any females they capture. They don't even make any exception for younger girls. The idea of any woman supporting them is just foreign to me.  What kind of propaganda would negate the horror that group inflicts on women.

I have lived in the United States most of my life.  I have been poor and I am now not poor.  I will promise you that even when we were at the poorest level,  we live a darn sight better than what I see in the news of the average citizen in a lot of Muslim countries.  I will promise you that we have sent enough petro dollars to the Muslim world that there is just no excuse for them to have any poor people living in mud huts.  If they call us selfish, I challenge them to examine their own pocketbooks for the excesses they have. 

There is a part of me that thinks we should load up our Army and go crush ISIS.  On the other hand, why do we need to expend our young and finest young men and women to play cop for the World.  I think we should help but not lead the fight.  For some reason the UN doesn't seem to understand the saying "Follow the Money."  The countries that sponsor terrorism should be expelled from the UN.  One of these days our Government will wake up and realize that unless the UN becomes more than a paper tiger it should stop getting our support.  Send it to Belgium and see how long it lasts there if another world wide war breaks out. 

Once a good friend of mine toured the battlefields in Europe.  One of the major cemeteries is laid out in four sections off a central memorial.  One of the four sections is still empty.  My friend asked one of the managers why that is?  His reply was that it is for the next war.  I guess the inevitability of another conflict in a part of the world that has been the scene of so many wars is just an option they understand.  

The only good thing about this post is that you aren't required to follow anything I say.  I do encourage you to look at the events going on and be aware that ISIS is now threatening to export their war to our Malls and Country.  I don't want to ever have to play Cowboy and Indians with anyone but I am ready if needed.



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