My Worst Date

Over my years of growing up in Wichita, I lived out on the East side of town near the Beech Aircraft Plant.  In fact I considered myself a Son of a Beech.....Crafter as my father worked at Beech for over 40 years.  We lived in Travel Air City (Or Dog patch)  as it came to be called because my dad could walk to work at Beech and we could walk to school at Minneha.  I attended Minneha from Kindergarten to the Ninth Grade.   Anyone from our neighborhood was well known by everyone and we attended the same school so there were few secrets between us. 

My sister's husband had a cousin from the Dallas area and she was going to be in town for a couple of weeks one summer.  I asked her out so I could convince her to date a friend of mine.  We went out to do the typical Saturday night things of driving or dragging Douglas Avenue.  I showed her the sights of Wichita as much as I could and on one of the loops on the east side of town we turned around in the Sandy's (a burger joint) and were going to then go back west.  Just as I turned into the driveway of Sandy's, out of the air came this object flying towards my windshield.  Plop, a plunger hit my windshield and stuck right there in the middle of it.  I pulled into one of the parking places to find my Friend Ron had thrown the plunger.  Now, put yourself in my place, how the heck was I going to convince a girl to go out with a guy that spent his spare time working on throwing a plunger at passing cars. 

Shortly after that, I took that girl home and that was the one and only date we ever went on.  By the way, my friend became known as "Bone Head" later on.  He did survive a trip to Vietnam and he is the second oldest friend I have.  I am sure that that was the worse date because I don't even remember the name of the girl I took out on that date.


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