Ideal Day

This is a day dream brought to life.  With the temperature outside at 5 degrees this morning and I am fairly house bound with a cough that could call moose in the woods of Maine, I have time and just enough energy to let me create this day dream.  Here Goes, put on your boots as it may get a little deep.

I spent most of my life in the military, well really over 30 years of the 67 I have been alive were spent in uniform.   So the early start to the day should be not surprise to people.  I would wake up about daybreak and get a big old cuppa coffee from the guys in the mess tent.  I would make one swing around the perimeter of the property to surveil signs of who and what happened last night or since my last trip around.   This morning it was three deer and two dogs.  I went out to the gate are of my property and fetched the paper.  For the next 15-30 minutes I will examine the events of the day and consume another big cuppa coffee. 

My ideal breakfast is Ham and two over easy with hash browns and a side of dry wheat toast.  OK, I really like my eggs over medium now but that was my order for years.  The best ham is one of those slices of country ham at least 1/4 of an inch thick and with the bone in. 

Now'a days I will adjourn to the basement  for a time to thing about what I read in the paper and discussed with the Master gardener.   Right now we both have coughs and feel like that dry toast I mentioned earlier.  We don't dislike each other in this condition but it isn't that touchy feely feeling right now.  Most of the contact is to confirm a fever or not.  Well, here I sit for a while.  I will check Facebook, G-Mail and then open this blog.

We have fallen into a rut of watching Drew Carrie and the price is right after 10:30.   We like to watch the contestants spin the wheel and then go into the grand prize phase.  Other than Boats, we do a pretty good job getting within a couple of thousand dollars.  OK, those Damn Fiats also jam us up as I will bid only what I would pay for one and that isn't much. 

After I have given the MG a 15 minute warning, we will jump in the crown Vic and make a road trip to town.  Generally unless we have something special like a library run for books, we will end up in Wal*Mart.  A couple of laps around the store and we will always manage to find a thing or two to put in the basket.  By this time I will have consumed a couple of cups of coffee and a glass or two of water and I will need to make a pit stop.  

The MG knows that I love to grab something simple for lunch and there is pretty much an endless list of places to do that.  If they serve a good salad so much the better.  both of the Deli companies are here now along with Panera Bread.  We have a new Five Guys but their lack of a garden salad hurts their standing as the go to place.  I save them for the days when I am out and about by myself.  On those days I will also throw in a visit to one of the Big Box Hardware stores.  

Throw in a trim at the local barber and a fill up of the car and it gets pretty complete.  I have been known to make a dash past the car wash if the forecast calls for a day or two of dry weather.   The afternoons generally include a nap somewhere between 2 and 4 PM.   We do our best to be able to watch Jeopardy at 5.   It always amazes me where some of the answers come from.  It is generally like a scavenger hunt of brain cells that activate with an obtuse answer and then re-hide to cover my tracks.  Here is where I take the 57 Chevy out for a spin just to rotate the tires.

Somewhere in my past because I started my work days early, I started cooking.  I am sure that the increased praise of my culinary expertise, I just started to like it.  I notice that our son is also always ready to throw down on some new recipe.  Like me, he doesn't like to do clean up. 

Our evenings are spent reading or watching TV.  I would never spend as much money on houses as the people there do.  I am content to live here at Rabbit Run and dream about far away places and basketball games in warm climates.  

If this is my fantasy, I will throw in here that I love NCAA Men's basketball and the preseason is good but the Conference is wonderful and is the prelude to the Big Dance.   I love to see where the hawks play and always fill out a bracket with them in the finals. 

Oh well, throw in a good night's sleep here and it's off to another great day.   Hope that you have clear skies, warm breezes and money left at the end of the month.


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