Mo' Snow

I am pretty sure my friends in Buffalo think they track in more snow than we have on the ground but we got our second snow this morning and it sure is pretty.  There is a nice fluffy layer of snow about 3 inches thick in the yard.  Not a lot of wind but it is pretty darned cold here in the heartland.  I really didn't need to go anywhere today anyway.  

I love the snow when it is sticking on the trees.

Last night we had our normal Barbershop Chorus Practice and I think the group sounded pretty darned good.  I have been sick for almost a month and for the first time back I heard a lot of improvement.  One thing that was fun for me is that we are also working on our stage presence and I think with a little emotion we sound a lot better.  I am not sure why but we do.

It is days like today that I wish I had electricity in the storage shed.  I would love to be able to run a heater and put the new carb on the 57.  There are a lot of things I would like to do out there including getting started on putting her back on the road.  Motor running first, brakes next, then steering and finally an A/C.  By this fall I hope to have her in much better shape.  Has my juices flowing.

This weekend the annual Lawn and Garden show was here in Topeka and as usual Barbara worked helping kids plant small plants in potting soil and newspaper pots.  I hope it didn't wear her down too much and she continues to get better.  This darned Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) has been a bugger.  It is not the flu but it has really made us sick.  I am pretty much recovered and Barb's on her way back.     

We sang Valentines songs again this year and I think we will add at least $1,500 to the coffers of our Chorus.   I think that covered the cost of the new music we purchased for this year and next.   Our show coming up in April will be the big money maker if we can all get out and sell ads.  The ticket sales at the door will cover the fixed costs but the profit will be in our ad sales.  I am going to push for the chorus to buy a sound system and a recorder to capture our sound.  I think it will make us a better group.

Yesterday prior to the practice we had a music committee meeting.  We had a frank discussion of where we are and where we want to be.  There is always one side that wants to be music Nazi's and throw anyone out that isn't great.  The other side is those of us that just love to sing.  Both sides are right in a way, but we would be a Very Large Quartet (VLQ) if we did winnow those that aren't perfect.  The really great side is that the Bass section is getting larger and sounding very good. 

Oh well, better go see what Barb had on the agenda.  I assume with the new snow not much...


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