Still Sick

There is just no mercy for this round of colds.  I thought I was fairly over it last week but it seems to be back and this time I have a fever.  Not much of one but a fever none the less.  The really bad part is that my ribs really hurt from the coughing.   If my body could make up its mind to either drip out the front or run down my throat it might help.  Can you tell I am not a very patient patient?

Being a College Basketball fan I am really not into Pro Football.  I will flip past a channel to see the score but really don't care who won the Super Bowl.  I did go to Lawrence to watch the Hawks beat K-State.  They host Iowa State tonight and I am staying home.  I probably won't go sing either. 

I am nearing the time I have all the Income Tax information and will start working on the taxes this week.  The darned software has cost me close to $200.00.   a big share of that is the one program for the Partnership.  The sad part is that that program won't do either my  Federal or State Tax.  Oh well, moving on.

Lately I have been getting a lot of Facebook posts from the Classic Chevrolet group and I am really thinking that I need to do something with the 57.  I either need to fix it up or sell it.   The real difference is that even if I sell it I don't have a better place to invest the money I would make.  I guess I could pay taxes with the money but even that option is not the best.


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