Trouble with Things

When it rains, it pours. The electric meter box at the new house had been tampered with and the electric company would not re-install the meter until I had it replaced. No big amount of work but it was a $175.00 expense. The rental house air conditioner went south and that was another $100.00 service call today. Oh well, I should be glad that I could afford to have both of them fixed. I did meet a couple of nice guys and we did have a nice chat. Note - Went back over to clean the carpets and found the air conditioner dead as a door nail. Another visit and more parts. Another $128.00 visit. Oh well...
After looking at the roof on the new house, I am pretty sure that it will take a complete re-roof and I am looking at just what to do. One of the plans I saw called for a metal roof over a wooden grid and some sheet insulation.
Better run and get some things done.


  1. Just had to roof my parents house. $23,000 later. They've been working on it for way over a month.

  2. Anonymous6:18 PM

    What in gods green earth would cost $23,000 on a roof. I have a 3,000 sq foot house with a weird roof and the crew was here for two days and had it stripped, a new roof installed, the ground clean and were gone. I think it was only $7,000. I would get into the fact the insurance said it was totaled and paid for less than half of the cost but hey, it was my own fault for not reading the change in my home owner's insurance. MUD

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