Bright and Shiny

I am not sure what the rest of the world expects, but every once in a while I want to wake up bright and shiny.  Well, I want to wake up bright and then after some ablutions be shiny.  The only sad part is that as a retiree, unless there is some where to go, the shiny part is really not a priority.  I can go a couple of days without a shave and I am the only one that notices.   Life was a lot easier when all I had to do was put on the light green shirt with the dark green  pants and those shoes that stayed patent leather shiny.  The really only choice was did I need a tie, the jacket (or blouse as the Military called it) or the black sweater.   Now, it is nearing 10:15 and I am wearing my sweats.

The other day, we took our Daughter-in-law to Nebraska Furniture Mart in KC and bought her a new couch and love seat.   When I went over to help Dave clear out the old sectional couch, I noticed that the couch really matches the curtains and the wall color.  We are glad to have the kids in our lives and having them over for meals now and then.  It does give me a chance to show off my cooking and a chance to have some new conversations in our lives.  When Barb brings over her Nephews is when life really gets fun.  Watching those two boys grow into fine young men is a treat.  

This morning I watched a streaming video of the Arkansas Supreme Court as they heard arguments for the Lawyer for Karl Roberts who killed my Grand Niece Andi.  I am not sure what the final outcome of the whole process will be.  He did it, he admitted it and even if the courts had a retrial, there is more than enough evidence to prove he did it and was sane enough to pay the price for what he did.  Yes, I want them to put him out of my misery and be done with it.  This has gone on for 12 years and it is beyond the stage where it is like picking a scab.  The only saving grace in the matter is that he is sitting on death row and sees the sun only an hour a day and unless he likes solitaire conversations he just has to hate it.  I would have gone crazy years ago.

I am going over to Dave's house to meet the furniture truck about noon.  I think I will also go get a haircut afterwards and shave off this silly mustache.  Barb says it makes me look even older than I am.  I guess as hard as she works to look nice and younger, I can make somewhat of an effort.  'Cides, she thinks the mustache is prickly or beyond that stage tickles.  Oh well...


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  1. Retirement! What a life, no schedules to meet, morning coffe that last's until noon, a nap after lunch, occasional visits from the kids for Sunday dinner.
    Most of all doing just what you and the Mrs. want to do.
    Boy, ain't it grand!