Lost Blogs

For some reason unknown to me, when I try to update my blog on the road I manage to lose one or two each trip.  For that reason, I have about given up on trying to get one written and for it to stay in the computer when we travel.  We were on the road for a week to visit Barb's family in Idaho.  It was a great trip and we did get to see most of the family.  What makes it special to us is the chance to meet with all the nieces and nephews in Twin Falls and then in Boise.  There is just a special love for family visits that leaves a warm smile in our hearts.  

I guess there are several stages of life and this is one we are going through.  First stage is our own life where we learn to live together and make it all work.  Then comes the stage where we are concerned with our own child. We start to wonder about Grandchildren about the time our parents start to age and we focus on the past and the future at the same time.  My parents are gone now and Barb's parents are getting older.  

The best thing for us right now is the fact that we have the assets and income to live comfortably and are pretty darned happy right here at home.  It is great to travel but it is also great to be home.  About a week and I am ready to be here.  I run out of ability to cope about the time I run out of clean clothes.  Much over a week and I need two suitcases.  I can't manage everything in one trip that way so unless we can travel in the car one week is about the limit.

For some reason I thought the Jay hawk game in Maui started at Midnight and expected that when we got to our car the game would just be starting.  It was halftime and at least we got to listen to the game on the way home from the airport.  It was raining just slightly and it had been a long day and we don't communicate very nicely under those circumstance. 

Oh well, things to do and places to see.  Got to get that Thanksgiving turkey home and thawed out. 


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