December is near

I watched the weatherman last night and he said that winter weather is on its way for the Heartland.  It will be 50 and windy today, which is always a sign that a front is headed our way.  He even mentioned that 4 letter word (Snow) for this weekend.  Dang, I hate it when that happens.  The good news is that it probably will not last long.  The ground is getting colder because of the below freezing at nights now so it won't melt as fast as it hits the ground.  

With 50 degrees outside today, I'll finally go out and pick up all the hoses.  I think I'll put them in my utility trailer this year and see if that works out.  Last year I put them in the garage in the attic and it was a major pain to get them down.  Oh well, when I get that done there will be leaves to rake and final trimming on the grass around the place.  Gotta make it all look nice.

I replaced a front tire on the truck about a month ago and I noticed that just today it is almost flat.  The good news is that I have a compressor and can air it up here at home.  Barb mentioned that she thought her tires felt mushy also.  I guess that a little maintenance on the cars won't hurt either.  I am pretty sure the antifreeze in the Ford and the Truck is way good enough but as much water as we added to the Buick better check it.  

 I used the last of the garlic smashed potatoes in my potato pancakes this morning.  I generally cook a few strips of bacon and then cook the pancakes in bacon grease. Yep, I know it is bad for my heart but a lot of people think I'm a heartless SOB so I'll play it loose until I clutch my right arm and/or die.  

I   Got my son Dave to pick up a solid state hard drive for my computer.  When he opened up the case to install it, he found that there was a second bay and he didn't have to remove the old hard drive.  With the magic of software, he had the new one clone the old one and  I am back in business twice as fast.  My next test is to see how long my battery life is with the new set up.  I have moved all my old pictures to my external drive and all the new one's will go on the old drive for a while.  Some time next year I'll start moving 2011 pictures over to the external drive as back up.  

Better get moving, I hear dishes being rattled upstairs as barb cleans up my mess in the kitchen. Wouldn't want her to think I am not gainfully occupied.  She is real good at finding things for me to do when she thinks I'm not pulling my considerable weight.


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  1. Sounds like it's going to be a busy day, remember a nap is always in order!