What a Wonderful Day

Friday night we went to see the young Jay Hawks play one of their preseason games.  About half way through the second half, they put a guy up in the rafters of Allen Field House and he dropped T-Shirts with parachutes down to the crowd.  I was sitting there during the time out and one actually hit me in the head.  I had no clue but I reacted fast enough to bring it down and let Barb grab the shirt.  I was absolutely oblivious to the whole affair until I  was hit.  No, I am not goint to tell anyone that I was hurt or mad at the event, just surprised.  For some reason I felt detached there in amongst the 16,000 people and felt like I had missed my afternoon nap.  

The really nice day was yesterday when we did nothing but eat three nice meals and zone out with Football and good books.  I didn't think that just going to a game would wear me out completely so I am now wondering if my blood sugar got low and caused some of the zoned out feeling.  About 1 PM yesterday I had a similar feeling and after i ate some of Barb's yummy stew that feeling went away.  Oh well, I guess old people should have different feelings now and then just to prove they are alive.

I guess I want to say that yesterday was one of those days that will just slip away in the many we have but it was memorable because it wasn't.  I have had many days that were great and many that were terrible and now and then a nothing day is one for the books (or blogs)  

Going to try for two in a row.


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