Starting the Day

I don't know what you do to start your day, but I can pretty much tell you what I expect each day to start like.  There is the mandatory trip to the bathroom and then a trip out to get the paper.  This trip is either preceded by or followed by a trip to the coffee pot.  I read the paper from the front page to the back with the funny papers near the last thing I read.  Breakfast is a cup of coffee and whatever.  If I was in a restaurant, it would be two eggs over medium, hash browns, ham and toast.  Juice is optional.  Pretty darned simple and I know it is a rut but it is like my shoes, I love comfortable. 

When I worked, the dress code was a mandatory uniform.  Green, green, optional sweater and black shoes.  Pretty simple and yet a lot like every day for most of 25 years.  I showed up and tried to make each day count for something.  The real break over for me was when I found that what my subordinates did was more important than what I did.  It is easy to spend time tied to the desk but I found that getting up off my duff and visiting at least one person during each break period was needed.  Kind of like getting a kiss from your mother.  You may not know why you need it, but I liked it.  

My life was like the same as much as I could make it for a lot of years.  My wife, Barbara, helped me set the path to achieve our common goals and provided a lot of  entertainment along the way.  It was pretty clear that where we are is a direct result of her hard work and encouragement.  If I for some stupid reason ever find fault for the daily life, all I need to do is remember that I worked darned hard to get here so I should just sit back and enjoy.

The other day, I commented to Barb that I was a little bored and I loved the feeling of being in my own home and bored.  After our busy travel schedule this fall it is nice to be home and bored. 



  1. Home and bored is good sometimes!

  2. You once told me that only boring people get bored...which you are most definitely not. So, bored may not be the right word choice. I would say your "content" or "relaxed" or even "placid" but definitely not bored:)