Fall in the Forest

When the weather starts to turn cool, we can always depend on the critters and insects thinking that our house is just another place to over winter in.  Barb always catches the spiders in a jar and gives them the heave ho out the side door.  I would rather give them the heel-toe smash but if I have the chance, I'll make her happy by throwing them out.  last evening I went in to he bathroom to be confronted by a small mouse.  I have the defense in depth traps set in the garage but this little guy must have found an alternate way in.  I hope he finds the peanut butter laced trap soon.

Barbara kind of laughs at the spiders, as she claims they keep the roaches down.  That and regular spraying and lots and lots of roach traps.  Roaches and ants are outside bugs that I want no part of living with.  

Today is one of the last days in the 70's for the year.  Right before a front passes, the wind will always blow from the south and it will be windy and warm (er).  There is no way you can rake the leaves and burn with the wind gusting to 30 MPH.  

This picture is at least two years old.

This summer when the Reimer's were here, the girls loved to use our cameras to take pictures.  Barbara bought both of the girls their own little camera and yesterday we got a DVD of their pictures taken at Disney World. Sea World and Epcot.  What a wonderful eye they have.  I would have loved to have them narrate the pictures but for now, I can hear their giggles in my heart.  They are just the right age to start the journey through the world with an eye open to new things.  

Better run and see if there is anything needed before the rain tomorrow.  Write if you get work.


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