Can we say 12 Boys and Girls?

It was a pleasure to watch the hawks beat Texas Tech yesterday.  We were in a hurry to get to a Birthday party at 2 so we didn't stick around for the festivities at the end of the game.  Did see a short review of them on TV.  I am glad to see the team proud of their win.  When they were 5 and 3, it was in doubt.  They have won the rest of their games and clearly have the title in hand even if they lose a game or two, they can't do worse than share it. Oklahoma lost to Texas yesterday so they are out of the running and West Virginia is two games behind with two to play.

Everyone in the Chorus was saying that we should not have practice tomorrow night for various reasons.  I said that we should practice with those that show up.  I didn't realize the Texas game was on Monday or I might have voted different.  Oh well, I will get to see the Iowa State game next weekend at the Phog.

It is warm here and I am noticing that a lot of the plants don't realize that there be freezing weather out there in the coming month.  In fact our last frost free day is mid-April.  Oh well, it will be what it will be.

Today will be in the 70's so I will probably have to find something fun to do that includes my better half.  She gets cranky when the weather is nice and I sit around the house all day.  Not so much if there is college basketball on TV but she does nee me to get out and "Blow the stink off."  That's the old saying my dad brought home from the Navy.  One time I was a substitute teacher for the pre schoolers and I said that to them and one of the kids replied,  "But Teacho, we don't stink."  They really didn't for the most part.

I think I have shared the wash machine problem Barb had and her efforts to replace the one that died. She found a model in Kansas city at the Sear's Outlet store in KC, MO.  I drove the 53 pickup over to get it and I won't drive up I-35 across KC, KS and KC, MO again.  Coming home I took I-70 and bailed out of  Missouri as fast as I could and it made the drive much easier.  I think the lighter traffic and the fact I knew the way better helped.  I try to leave a gap in the traffic ahead of me and everyone in the cities think it is just a place for them to slip their car in.  Oh well...

Have I mentioned how much I hate getting old?  I just went to plug in a CD of my Barbershop music and shut off the computer.  Crap... The only good part is the computer has an automatic update on the blog and I didn't lose much but my place and a few minutes.

Well better get on the road.


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