Great Day

Yesterday was a day that will go down in my book as good food and great visit with family.  Amy, my niece from Alabama is in KC for a Golf Show.  She works for the Trent Green Golf Tour and they had a booth at the show. She brought her son Ryan and it was great to see everyone.  It was great to get to see her again.

Did I mention the great food?  My niece, Carrie had a new "Spiralizer" that cuts veggies into spirals and she made a salad that was just great.  It had zucchini, olives, yellow squash, some meat, artichokes with a oil and vinegar dressing.  Her brisket was pretty darned good also.  Throw in  all the other dishes and Ray's brownies and it was all good. 

It is kind of funny how children of the same families can be so different.  Both Amy and Carrie's first children were kind of quiet and the second boys seem almost like "Wild Childs" in comparison.  If you look at them without the contrast of the older brother, they both are pretty normal little guys and Carrie's son Joe is doing well in Law School at Berkley.  His fianc√© is also with him out west and she was accepted into the PA school out there.  They both will complete their education at the same time.  Now to see if they can afford to pay back all the debt from the education(s).  Oh well, life is short and there is time to do as much as will be needed. 

The Hawks are 2 games out in the lead of the BIG XII with 4 games to go.  Even if the lose the road games they will remain in a tie for the Conference Championship.  They play tomorrow night on the road and it will be interesting to see if Perry Ellis has recovered.  It might be that Coach Self will hold him out of the game so he can really heal.  Perhaps he might consider holding Carlton Bragg out to keep Perry from getting any more injuries.  

How can I stress to all my friends that the majority of the basketball players are just students attending school and hopefully working on their education.  No one should be mad at their players if they don't win a game.  It is after all a game played by students.  If you expect a win all the time, go watch a pro team.

Oh well, I went to sleep so early last night that I find myself up and att'em early.  I will go see if I can find something to do.


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