Our Barbershop Quartet delivers Valentines songs each year.  This year I drove a quartet to deliver ma rose, a box of candy and two songs all over NE Kansas.  It is a fun couple of days.  I will admit that we were able to squeeze in time to watch the KU vs OU game so all in all it was a great weekend.
With Barb at the lawn and Garden Show.  I didn't realize I was standing so far forward of the group

It is my wish for you all not to have all the money in the world, but that you will find something in your life that makes you smile all the way into your heart.  This is my way.  Oh by the way, that 's the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

OK, buckle up, this might get a little political.  If the system really works the way it should, the President should nominate the new member of the Supreme Court and the Senate should either approve or not, that nomination.  There have been great people nominated and great people not selected.   If the Senate wants to show it's true colors, they will really look into the heart of the nominee and see if that person can look at the laws and really make the kind of rulings we need, not just political choices.  I want the law to be evolving some but basically hold to the principles we are founded on.  For the strict constitutionalists, remember that if we were not to change, we would still have slavery and the women could not vote.  Neither one is my choice for a way to live.

One question that hit me is the talk about income inequality.  There was a time when the Vanderbilt's, Rockefellers and Getty's had a lot of the nation's wealth .  As we were building as a Nation, that had to be that the rich were wealthy and the poor very poor.  I don't remember that the history books are filled with the discussion about the rich being detrimental to the grown of our nation. I laugh when I hear people say that the rich have too much money and then say they are influencing our politics by giving money to candidates.  One way or the other boys and girls. 

OK, enough of that, I have a lot to do so I need to get on with the game.


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