Did Someone say Basketball?

One of the worst losses this year was the KU loss to OSU at Stillwater.  They stunk up the joint and went home with their tails between their legs.  Last night at the Phog, they avenged that loss and won going away.  Seems to me that the coach has been substituting more players into the game and the entire group plays hard for their time on the floor.  Rock Chalk,  Jayhawk.

The only shortcoming about last night was I had to miss the Barbershop Chorus practice but after spending many hours on Fri and Saturday singing, I don't feel too bad.  I will listen to the music at least an hour a day for the next couple of months.

Well, we have the bigger rental house rented to a nice guy and I hope he will be happy there.  I saw that he is a BBQ chef and I told him that I might want to bring my hickory to a cook out and watch the master work. 

Last night was kind of like old home week at the KU game.  I invited Walt Frederick to go with me and we saw two other old Guardsmen there.  On top of that, we saw a great game.  great times.

This week I lost one of my mentors in the guard.  Brigadier General Harold Sommers passed away and the world will miss him.  He had a calm way of helping others teach their lessons to share the growth of the units.  One year I was the commander of a Firing Battery of 105 Howitzers.  I had 5 brand new Lieutenants that had graduated from OCS the year before.  When we went to Annual training, Then Lieutenant Colonel Sommers told me to focus on the future and rotate all of them through each leadership position.  I did and it was one of the best Annual trainings we had.  Later on, I was able to see that group of officers all grow in the guard and be the best kind of people. 

I guess that Leadership is a different thing to a lot of people.  If you focus on the present, you might get better but only to the current capability of the people.  If you focus on teaching each person to learn new things, you have the potential they have and in my opinion that is always better than what you have.   Kind of the saying - Do what you did and you will get what you had.(got)  I guess the word training in the term Annual training means a lot if you focus on getting better. 

We bought a Maytag washer and it is the noisiest washer I have ever heard.  It goes clunk, buzz and bangs more than Barb can stand.  They will get it back.  As the repairman opened the machine, it was clear that they had skipped the sound deadening and used a lot of plastic where the old parts were metal.  I would insulate it some and put some foam where it bangs if we were going to keep it.

OH what a great month.  Get out there and enjoy life some.


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