Can You Get Too Much Basketball?

Yesterday I started early and finished late watching the BIG XII teams play each other.  What a day.  Some of the best basketball I have watched.  The only thing I didn't get was the fouls at the end of the KU  vs KSU game.  When you are down two or four, it makes sense to foul so you can get the ball back.  When you are down 8 with 8 seconds left, let the game play on.  Oh well, other a little damage to Perry Ellis, things ended like I thought they would.

We bought a new wash machine a week or so back and are totally frustrated that Maytag would put their name on such a piece of crap.  In addition to being the loudest machine ever in our house, it didn't even get the clothes wet let alone get them clean.  It had a tub that would hold 8 elephants but wouldn't have gotten one wet or clean.  Once the repairman opened the top, it was clear to me why it didn't work.  Anything that would have made the machine quieter was left off this machine.  A little foam and insulation would have made a big difference.  No matter what setting the wife tried, the EPA standards just left out the water.   According to the repairman, if we are unhappy with a top loader, stay away from the front loaders.  He said that almost 100% of his calls are to fix front loaders.  We will stop at Nebraska Furniture Mart on our way to KC.

Barba and I are looking at cars to see if we can find a solution to the dilemma we are having with the one we have that is not running.  To add to that problem, Barb's old Buick is what Dave is driving back and forth between here and Lawrence.  One day it may not run any better.  That may be we will have to buy two cars this year. 

Today we are going to Kansas City to have lunch with the family.  I am going to make a crock pot of hot German potato salad.  It has been a while since I made it but with such good things as cheddar cheese and bacon how could it not be great.  Speaking of that, I had better get started.


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