Monday Morning from the Laundry Chair

This is my new outside cat, Tiger, and the Cat House. It is a plywood box with black plastic as an outside cover.
Who would have thought that Mean Uncle Denny would have a cat? Mr "Lives with Dogs" feeding a cat? OK, I am guilty this time.

I think this is the beginning of Ramadan. Does this mean that the Terrorists won't bomb during daytime? Does this mean that the Moslem
world will forgive the Pope for stating that they are unforgiving?
Monday is Laundry Chair Day. I guess the rest of the friends and family will miss out unless they learn how to click on a blog. I will send them a link a couple more times just to see if they take the bait. There will be some people that just won't click and read but their loss.
There is a certain chance you take when you go on to the next blog site. This morning I was sent to a porno site in Brazil. I went back and clicked on a new link and it keep popping up a screen that I sure wouldn't want to come up on my computer at work. I really didn't mind it being here at home but I'm sure that all over the work-a-day world it would get you fired. Ok, I did post a picture of a cat house. Tiger is a guy so it really doesn't count.
My sister-in-law has some new puppies to add to her guard dog population. You know, you have to be on your guard to not step in the dog scat if you have more than one dog. Puppies consume large quantities of food and manage to extract a small amount of good and produce large amounts of poop. Two of them and it can fill a dogfood bag with crap for every bag fed. I have watched puppies grow and understand they seem to grow as you watch them. Barb agrees that a spray bottle filled with hot sauce and a little water can make the plants not chew-able by little pups. (Except for Mexican Chihuahuas they like the stuff) Yes, I know that is a racist comment but when you read blogs, you are likely to get a few comments of this ilk.
This weekend I went riding and Sunday I stopped at Sonic for lunch. Did you know that a bike won't set off the outside order headset? I had to ride up to the window to order. My Sonic order is a Number 1, w/mustard, fries and a coke (for lunch and cherry limeaid for dinner) Mom likes Tater Tots and if I'm going there I will order them and share with her. OK, back to the reason I wrote about sonic. The last time I was there I had Kendra and Katrina with me. This time I sat down in the playground area by a mother and two little girls that reminded me of them. The mother is a teacher at the high school and knows Barbara. (Barbara was on the negotiations team a couple of years back and most of the teachers know her)
As soon as it warms up a little, I'm going to go for another ride. It is just so darned great to ride to the lake, around and back. 14 or 15 miles is just about right. I get a little faster each time and enjoy it a lot.
Write if you get work, see you on the flip flop, or BYE!


  1. You are quite possibly the sweetest person I know.
    I love you very much.

  2. You are awesome at this blogging thing ( I read the whole thing just a little bit ago) and don't worry about people not commenting because even if they don't comment just trust me that they are reading. Someone today told me some things about myself that I was certain I didn't tell him and I said, "How'd you know that about me?" And he said..."I read your blog?" Oh god," was my reply. Oh well. Love ya.