Oh to be Young Again

This is a picture of all my nieces in Arkansas at their Annual "Girls Weekend at the Lake". They are visiting the lake home that was built by my grandfather and now is owned by my sister Carol. There is also a picture of them with Styrofoam noses pretending to be the "three or more little pigs". They put on a play years ago for us of the three little pigs and did this re-creation for us. This is the finest things my sisters and brother could have ever done. Love those girls.
From Left they are Janet, Carrie, Jennifer, Rebecca,Kim and Kristy. They are as nice as they're cute
Yesterday I took Mom to the Doctor's office to get the results of the tests she spent all day Friday taking. The test results were on the desk of the doctor and were not available to us. Crap! Spend a couple of hours hauling Mom down there and then not have the results. As I recall they did this to us last time. Not again.
I know what the tests are going to show. She has a bad Mitral valve that doesn't let the blood flow properly (backwash) She has Cardio Myopathy which is basically an old heart that without the three Pacemaker wires wouldn't last the day, and finally Congestive Heart Failure. The CHF means that she doesn't have enough good blood flow to make her systems work well. This causes her Kidneys to not remove enough fluid and she has to have meds to make it all work well. The list is endless. Beta Blockers, warfarin (Rat Poison-Blood Thinners) and Diuretics keep it all balanced. That and a whole pile of vitamins keep her going
Oh well, cold front is coming so I'm going to go ride this AM. I will have to wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt but that's the price one must pay for riding in the fall.
Keep your nose pointed in the right direction and Don't be Petty.