Women I love

The picture I chose to go with this edition is of the Girls, Katrina and Kendra at the lake feeding the Canadian Geese. Yes, we are adding to the environmental impact of the geese. The eat bread and then leave goose tootsie rolls all over the bike path. The "Special K's are in Morocco right now with their parents Julie and Gerald. We miss them but are enjoying their blog Reimer Ramblings so it is not entirely like they are gone.
I was up bright and early this AM to take my mother to the Heart Doctor's office for tests. It is the semi annual "stick it to Medicade" set of tests. I'll go back and get her about 10:30. She will insist on having lunch at Long John Silver's. I am glad to see she has her appetite back. She was taking a Sulfa Drug and it always upsets her stomach. She is about over that and ate some chicken and potato salad yesterday.
I was talking with a friend the other day and she described her relationship with her mother as one of many trips. "Mom sent me on so many guilt trips that I should have earned frequent flyer miles". In my case I had a mother that could hug you once and you would stay hugged all day. I am doing my best to help mom enjoy life and remain on her own. She is busy talking to her friends and making up stories about her cat. I just do my best to keep her happy and listen. Mom has a network of friends that she calls and call her. She also watches the TV 24 hours a day and really knows more about current events than I do. She sometimes mixes the stories up a little but that just adds to the fun of visiting.
Barb is home today because of a dental appointment. She is going to have a crown put on today. She has 8 days of medical leave and she is going to use them.
I think I'll go upstairs and see if she would like to got somewhere for breakfast. Love that woman and wouldn't want her to waste away.
The last message ended with the song we sang on Saturday Mornings at the Tower Theater. Hale, hale the gang's all here what the heck do we care, what the heck do we care. Hale, hale the gang's all here, what the heck do we care now!. You know that "Oh well what the hell do we care now" was the way all the guys sang it. Next Time

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