Where My Benting Started

This picture of Santa on his bent is really my brother-in-law. He is the guy that made my first bent and the second bent and updated my current bent into a Tour Elite2. Somewhere at the bottom of this blog is a picture of me on the TE2. He is only slightly less mature than I am. He and I will be boys so long as bikes put a smile on our face. The picture ny was taken by Barbara. Yes, his bike as pictured did not have all the brakes and gears and shifters that a new bike has. He would literally take them off his bike to make mine go. When he had mine ready, he took all his stuff and made a bike for his grandson and one for David. I still don't know if he has a complete bike for himself. My hope is that he has got a Carbon Fiber bike ready and is riding it.
A few posts below is a picture of his dog Grissy. She was a puppy mill survivor. I rescued her from the Lawrence Shelter and gave her to him. I can't think of any pair that deserves each other more. They are both special to me.
We are having almost perfect fall weather this week. It is in the 70's in the afternoon. Today I will take Mom to the Doctor's office about 12:30 and ride when I get home.
As I read the paper each day, I always manage to read the obits. I think I am checking to make sure I am not in there. Each time I see lots of older people listed and think what a wonderful age to live to and yes, I would like to reach 80 or so. I don't have any notion of just how long I will live. I am very happy that I don't suffer from the problems that my dad had. He was bi-polar, had diabetes, Parkinsons, a bad heart and near the end I think some hardening of the arteries. Even if I had some of those problems, I think I have lived a great life and wouldn't want anyone to feel I didn't live a full and complete life.
Just so you don't think I am too over inflated, the other day Dave's wife Barb retold a story about Dave. After a few brief cross words, Barb said to Dave, "No one likes an asshole." Dave's reply was, "Oh yea, how come Dad has so many friends." I guess it is my winning smile and that most of my friends are as hard up for friends as I am. Keep your powder dry.

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