This is Mom's magic cat. Yesterday after my sisters visited Mom, I got a call and Mom said, "Denny, my cat's missing." It took me about 20 minutes to get my stuff together and get over to Mom's. I stopped by the school and got Barbara and by the time we got there the cat had reappeared and all was well. I guess the kitty has a hiding place in the top of the closet and Mom couldn't see her way up there. We all know that cats don't come unless there is something you have they want. Tiger comes to meet me each time I go out there because he thinks I am bearing food. Most of the time I am.
I took Barbara out to dinner and she wanted pasta. We went to Mandino's where they have a great buffet. Barb's sense of smell is all out of whack because of her cold and nothing really tasted good to her. I had a great meal that included pizza, pasta, salad and baked zitti smothered with cheese. Poor Barbara.
Yesterday morning,I took my bike over to the Shunga Trail near David. The trail there now goes from 29th and Fairlawn to downtown at 10th and Adams. About 7 miles as the trail goes.That damn crow couldn't fly anywhere that crooked. 14 miles round trip. It was a great ride. I wore a windbreaker jacket and was way sweaty when I finished. On the way home the truck broke down. I had to pull a tire and remove a brake caliper. One bolt had come loose and it would drag on the rim when I applied the brakes. Thank god for bungee cords and bike tools. I bought a $30.00 set of Park bike tools many months ago and that saved me from having the truck towed.
Stupid adventure of the day. When I got home, I took off the caliper bracket that the bolts had come out of and took it to the hardware store to buy replacements. I measured everything up and went right to the special Grade 8 bolts. I fitted the bolts and got the right length and went home. Upon arrival home I realized that I bought bolts for the wrong set of holes. Back to the store for the right one's. I also put red "Locktight" on the bolts so they won't work loose again. $2.00 worth of bolts and $8.00 worth of Locktight. There is locktight leftover but by the time I will need it again it will probably be dried out in the tube.
I am having some trouble getting the DVD R/W to work on this computer. It does pretty well until I actually try to make a copy of pictures. It immediately changes the copy format and tries to make a CD. When it reads that a DVD is in the drive it says wrong format. Duh! I'll keep at it until I can find the right program to make it work. I have about a million pictures on my hard drive that I want to remove. The pictures just slow my computer reaction time way down. In my impatience I double click again and then Dr. Watson wants to send a report to Microsoft until I shut the damn machine down and start over. Last night I actually resorted in taking the power cord out and dropping the battery when it got into one of those loops where nothing worked.
I'd better get on with my day and off this computer. Be strong and play hard.