The Picture is my Pal Grissy getting ready for a walkies.
My wife and I were traveling in the car and she said she was going to ban my blog if I don’t quit telling everyone her age. I reminded her that I told the family and friends her age in an e-mail, but did not put her age in this blog. She doesn’t want me to even mention her let alone put her picture on my site.
She wants my site to be about me! I guess she doesn’t she doesn't have the same understanding of the dynamics of people, especially me. I think I am, from the beginning, what my genes said I would be, molded by my education, what I have read and all the interactions with people I have encountered along the way. To say that I am simply me is way less than I am. (Did that make sense?)
Now, I don’t want to make this sound like a rant or rage. I love my wife but am a pretty typical male and don’t understand a lot about women. I have my share of observations but they are just that and not rules or standards. Comedians have hours of observations about the difference between men and women and you can laugh for hours. In fact, most women almost defy logic just to say they are different. They can be indignant when accused of being so different they have uniformity in those differences. I think this is a little like the chaos theory that things are so different that there is repeating patterns.
Oh well, the main point I would like to make here is that if all I talk about on this blog is me it will be one boring blog. I would like to believe that a lot of what you see is what you get. I don’t think I am very difficult to understand and not a lot devious. Step on me and I will strike back. The strike will be proportionate to the perception of how hard I think you stepped. I do not tolerate fools well and while I love a good story well told hate it when the story is a lie told without humor. Funny Denny stories are encouraged.
I took my mother to the Doctor’s office yesterday and man did that waste a half of the day. I tried to get them to pin down a time they would have the tests done. 10:30 is the end and she can go home. BS! At 11:30 they took her to the last test and it was afternoon when I finally got home. Mom was one tired puppy at the end of all that. We will find out what the results are on Tuesday. Mom thinks she is hanging in there pretty stable. I think she is one pretty sick old woman and has a heart that is beating because of the three-wire pacemaker. Her heart is right in the middle of Congestive Heart Failure and the leaks and flow backs in her heart add to the problems. She is able to get from the bed to the bathroom and to her chair in front of the TV in the living room. Much more than that and she has to sit down and rest up from resting up. It really cracks me up that she claims to not sleep all night and a lot of the time I find her in her chair in front of the TV sound asleep. I guess I wouldn’t sleep well at night if I napped a lot during the day. Wait a minute. Do I need a nap?
I guess I had better get on with the day and find out what is going on in the real world. Or go for a bike ride. Whatever!

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