Tree is Up

MUD and Brother Rick
Must be a sign of my age when I have to ask our son to come over to help put up a tree.  Yes, it was a 10-12 footer but dang, I could muscle one of those up by myself in the past.  It doesn't help that for some reason I am kind of dizzy this week.  I am pretty sure that it is an inner ear thing because my allergies are all up in arms.  I went into the kitchen this morning and saw the light over the stove was not working and when I leaned back and reached up the world tried to spin in the opposite direction.  The good news is that I was leaning on the island and that saved me from a trip to the floor. (and perhaps a trip to the Hospital)

It was a family tradition that when my parents were alive, the Petty kids would try to get together the weekend prior to Christmas.  That would allow those that needed to go to in-laws houses to be free for Christmas.  This is one tradition that I hope we can keep now that Mom is gone.  It is an open invitation to all the grand kids and many try to get here.  The family saying my Mom used, "If you can't come, we'll miss you."  

Mom and Mel at Mel's Wedding
Our Christmas tradition is to have everyone bring a soup, salad or pies.  We will eat and then have a White Elephant gift exchange.  That is one of the funniest things to do.  I think this year I will pass out playing cards and we will then get to pick in random order.  If you see something opened up earlier, you can take that gift and let them re choose a gift.  The last person has their pick of the entire lot.  One of the funniest was a bottle of wine that was chosen by the teen age Craig boys and taken away by several others.  I guess the "Titty" cup has been removed from the annual festivities.  I think a can of spaghetti-O's disguised as fish assholes may re-appear but who knows. 

I think Barb Jr will bring her nephews over this weekend some time to help decorate the tree.  Da Barb's have selected a color theme for Christmas.  It would not surprise me that somehow the Jay hawk colors will wind their way into the mix.  There are some tickets for a late December game that may work their way into the gift pile.  For the first time in a long time, I got a message from KU Athletics that there are individual game tickets still available.  The even have a few of the KU vs K-State game.  We have promised those to Barb's nephews even though it is a school night.  

Better run, I hear steps up stairs and that means that Barbara is up there and thinking of things to do.  


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