What is your Favorite Holiday?

Once retirement sets in, Holidays are a lot like every other day. That is especially true if you happen to have life where you want it.  As a kid, Halloween was one big junk food run and I loved it.  Now that we live out here in the woods where in 21 years we have never had a trick or treat-or, not so much.   Barbara always complains about the early Christmas ads but I'm sure that she is a Christmas junkie to the core.  We will host the Petty family party the week before Christmas and I'm sure that Barb will have me working overtime to decorate everything to Martha Stewart's standards.  The really good news is that we'll have time to decorate.

I am probably more in tune with the seasons than the holidays.  I watch for the last time I mow for the season.  I am in tune with the time I put the first suet block out and start feeding the sunflower seeds.  The in the spring the last time I mow and stop the seed feeding.  

It is always fun to see what the Master Gardner will do to put the plants to bed and get ready for the spring.  Bales of hay and all the compost I can carry is high on the list.  I am pretty sure that the tiller would not dig in enough to till the baked clay this fall.  Perhaps by next spring if there is enough moisture things will be different. 

Better run and see what mischief I can get into or out of.


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