One small story

In my earlier post, I mentioned that I had been in Pinion Canyon, Colorado as a part of the Headquarters of the Kansas Army National Guard.   There,on about the third day in the field, we had a wind storm that blew down most of our tents.   The next morning as I went out to survey the damage, I spotted something red over in the edge of our position.  As I got closer, I realized that there were a lot of colored pieces of cloth there in the scrub brush.  It seems that the women had  a washing session the afternoon before and that the close line they erected in their tent held their undergarments went down in the storm.  Their undergarments were now scattered across the backside of our camp.

Not having served in the field with women, I guess I did not think about such things.  In the Active Army and the Field Artillery I was with, we didn't have women in our field units.  I sent one of NCO's over to the S-1 tent where most of the women were and had him tell the girls where they could gather up their belongings.  

That was my welcome to the problems of having a co-ed military unit.   I have laughed about it several times with my friends and now appreciate some of the situations on active duty more than I did.  


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  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Cute story! Thank you for your service to our country MUD!!!