Great Weekend

There is a table of paperwork sitting here in the room and I managed to enjoy basketball on Saturday and Football on Sunday.  I think the Football games were a little better because I could take a nap and not feel like I missed much. Until Sunday, I had not seen a Baltimore Raven's game all year. Once San Francisco fell out of the picture, they lost me.  An all East coast Super Bowl just doesn't float my boat.  Other than the KU vs Texas game on Saturday, I didn't have much spirit invested in the games so I could also switch between History, the Military Channel and the games. Direct TV fooled around and I had to listen to the KU game.  Most of the paperwork on my table can't be completed until I get the paperwork from the Oil Companies and the banks.  I have organized what I have and am just waiting.  Most of it isn't due to me until 30 January. 

One thing that is clear is that I need to invest in a tractor for all the rock driveways.  They are in horrible shape and I sure can't fix them with a shovel and a pickup.  I also think that if my renters catch up on their back rent, I'll need to invest a few dollars or get beat at Tax time in 2013.   I have also looked at a rental property but I didn't get a lot of good feelings from Barb.  There is a duplex worth about $200,000 and I would like to buy it for about $150,000.  It needs some maintenance but most other than the roof is just piddling stuff.  I think it would make a nice investment to have a house in the Shawnee Heights district that would rent for between $750 and a $1,000 a month for each unit.  I just try to let the units pay for themselves and they are long term investments.
The really stupid thing is that at least once each year, I think to myself that I sure would like to get out of the landlord business.  The real problem is that so far it is the only thing that has paid off regularly ad most of my real gains have been due to my property investments. 

I think starting the weekend out by seeing a movie was the way to start.  I loved  "Red Tails" and someone said that if I liked it I needed to see "War Horse".  

Every once in a while i will be writing on my blog and the courser just disappears.  It is somewhat frustrating in I make a lot of errors and  have to guess when I am in a correction mode.  Oh well, write if you get work...


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