What Do You Want ?

The first rule of life is that it is yours and what happens in it belongs to you first.  Here are a few wishes I have for you:
  • Look at the things in your life and smile when you are blessed with happiness.
  • Get rest when you need it.  There is no movie, computer game or book that should deprive you from sleep.
  • Eat sanely.  Yes, I love steak but I know that I sometimes need to eat a salad and chicken.
  • Never, never stop learning things.  Read, laugh and love to see the wonders of the world.
  • For me, writing like this helps me think about life and keeps me from taking it way to seriously.
  • A house is just a house, a car is just transportation, and things won't make you happy.  On the other hand, people loving, laughing and talking works miracles for me.  This Christmas we had more people over than ever and it was a wonderful time.  
  • Don't expect every trip to be Disneyland.  Sometimes it will rain and be cold.  Bring a good book and kick back and enjoy.
  • The main rule in finance is that income must be greater than or equal to outgo!  Other than a house, debt is not a way to anything good.  Put your credit or debit card away for a month and spend cash.  I'll bet you will not spend as much.  
  • My final wish is that you will smile and make the bastards wonder what you have been up to.
The wife and I bought a TracFone pre-paid phone. It is an LG 500G and a simple little phone that doubles the number of minutes and length of time on the card you buy.  My only problem is the instructions manual was way lacking and my fingers are way big. With my I-Phone, when I finished working on something I clicked the phone off.  With the TracFone, it wants to go to sleep by its self not be turned off.    Calls got to voice mail when it is turned off instead of ringing.  The phone and the minutes was way cheaper for the first month than my old AT&T plan.  I guess you get what you pay for.


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