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Way, I say Way back when, I was the on duty officer for the National Guard as the Emergency Preparedness officer, (Also known as the Military Support Officer) I carried an early mobile Phone.  It was called "the Brick" because it looked like a brick in a bag with an antenna.  It had a limited range and you had to be careful where you turned it on as each time you hit a new cell tower you got charged a roaming charge as well as a cost to use it.  One day as I carried it into a store on my way home, a little boy said out loud"  Look Mommy, that soldier is carrying a purse and it has a tail."   That phone had a limited battery life and if it was left on all day out here as I worked on the fence, it would be dead by that evening.  Needless to say it spent a lot of time on the charger. 

That leads me to my first foray into the modern era of cell phones.  I didn't wait to buy one that was already outdated, I jumped into the fray at near the top of the business.  Two years ago I bought an I-Phone G3 and paid dearly for the phone and almost $100 a month for a few months.  AT&T wanted to cut down the usage on their towers and offered a slightly lower data plan and it only cost me $70.00 for the last 18 months.  All that ends today.  I am going to call AT&T and cancel that plan this morning.

Why?  Because no matter how durable the I-Phone and a rubber case is, it won't stand up to smushing by the standard automobile tire and being a cheapskate, I didn't insure it.  I got two years of service out of it and now time to move on.  

I am sure that somewhere out in the distance, the phones will get cheaper and I will move on down that road but in the meantime I think a smaller bill is in order.  There is one with a 1,000 minutes and 40 texts and  morre web searching time than I had for about $45 per month. We'll see what is in store for us when Barb and I got to Wally World in a while.

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  1. Hey MUD, please let us know what you settle on, and if you're satisfied with the way your plan works.

    Mom & Dad have to renew theirs pretty soon, and I'm going to need to advise them.