Sports Saturday

I got sucked into watching games on TV early yesterday and finished late.  I loved to watch Lon Kruger's Oklahoma team demolish K-State.  I think it is interesting that Steve Henson of K-State fame is Lon's assistant coach.  I am pretty sure they both have (or had)  their jerseys retired and hanging in the Field House in Manhattan.

I watched the Iowa State and KU game with a lot of interest.  A lot of that game I held my breath watching Iowa State shoot treys from the outside like it was the only shot they could hit, and they for the first half, did.  Barb and I have an old saying, "You can't win games on Treys alone."  Somewhere in the middle of all that, you must play defense and shoot a two or three.  In Bill Self's words, sometimes you win with both the good and bad Taylor on the floor.  it was one of the best team efforts for Hawks this year.

Note to Bill Self and Danny Manning - Watch T-Rob's free throws.  Early in the year, he made a deliberate move with his right hand to his left shoulder and he has stopped doing that and his free throw percentage has gone all to heck.  

I thought the San Francisco win was a good game and fell asleep as Denver got their hats handed to them.  The NE linemen spent more time in the Denver backfield than the Running backs.At least we won't hear the endless Teabo stories for a while.  I try to be tolerant but even I was getting tired of all the hoop la.

In and amongst all the sports programs, I finished a book.   Today is predicted to be in the 60's so I'm not going to spend hours and hours watching TV.  Not sure of the details exactly but I do want to take my guns out and do some target shooting.  I bought myself a laser sight for the 9mm  and have at least 500 .22 rounds to plink with.  Perhaps when the girls go shopping Dave will want to come over.  

Oh well, no need to sit here all day and write this.


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