Monday Holiday

One of the neatest thing about being retired is that unless you just are crazy to go to the bank, Monday Holidays mean very little.  We do try not to shop on the weekend any more than necessary and we can slip that over to Monday or Tuesday if needed.   It also gives the Barb's some bonding time.  I'm not sure of the entire details of today but I think they are going to knit a dragon.  OK, a dragon scarf to be more precise.

My son, of the Best Buy Geek Squad fame came over last night and I used his brain to figure out how to read my nieces Book for a Nook on my computer.  He can't be bought, but feeding him does seem to make him glad to help.  His mother also makes the Geek Squad cookies from time to time.  I had done everything correctly but the book had some kind of electronic protection and I had to download the Barnes and Noble free software to get to the book. It is called "the F Word"   by Rebecca Demauro.  It is the story of her life as she traveled through several stages of her life. It is a bargain at .99 cents. One stage in her life, is the murder of her daughter, Andi.  It really ends fairly well with her moving to an entirely new place in her life and finding that she can't hate the murderer and grow as a person. For family members, there is detail that was a surprise to a lot of us.   I think there is enough hate in the rest of the family to make up for it.  If Arkansas can't find an executioner, I'm pretty sure there is a long line of us that would do it for nothing.  They don't call me Mean Uncle Denny for nothing. I loved her meeting with President Bush and the First Lady, Laura. 

Tonight will be the first meeting this year of Baylor and KU.   It starts at 8:30 PM and I am pretty sure I will need a nap.  I think this will be the first meeting of the two teams that will fight it down to the wire for the Conference Men's Basketball Championship.  It will all depend on what team for KU shows up.  If Robinson and Taylor both have a great night it will be a breeze but if either one falls down, it will not be the 8 point win that the papers predict for KU.  It is nice to see entire team playing together and their win over Iowa State was a treat for me to watch.

Today I think I'll go over to the west side of town and get the oil changed in the Ford.  Because of the road trips to Austin, she is a lot overdue.  I checked the oil and it looked good level wise but needs to put some fresh oil in there.  I don't agree that 3,000 miles is long enough if the car is on the road.  I think 6,000 is just a little far.  OH well.

Barb and I lost our I-Phone a couple of weeks back and we replaced it with a TracFone that is prepaid.  I can't get used to the fact that it seems like it eats minutes.  With the program I had, I never had a problem with talk minutes and only on our trip to Maine did I get close to using all the Web time I was allowed.  Oh well, AT&T is really out of our life now.  I think we got our first phone with them through Southwestern Bell in Wichita in 1969.  Our long distance was through AT&T.  I can imagine how much money we funneled to them over the years but sadly no more for them.  Our local line and internet is through Cox Cable, our TV is Direcway and our cell is TracFone.   No bundle for us.

For some reason, it is almost 60 this morning.  I think there is a cold front due so the wind is from the south at 20 to 25 MPH.  Should drop 20 degrees this afternoon and be down into the teems by late tonight.  This time last year it was hovering around zero with 10 to 12 inches of snow.  This is more like Texas weather.

Oh well, nothing gained by sitting here and writing on this machine.  Books to read and places to go.   BYE!


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