Perception & Reality

The reality of life is that my perception is my reality.  What you think is what you think and I would hope that for the most part as you get older you feel more and more confident that your reality will do for now.   Because most people learn and  grow in what they know, their perceptions change as they go through experiences and living.  What I find frustrating is that so many people fail to realize that what they are thinking just might be right.  Or wrong as the person may be..

I have a real problem dealing with people that think their way is the only way.  It has been said that I don't suffer "Fools  Gladly".  By that, I  think that people unable to discuss the facts and somewhat use the facts to shape new ideas are way too rigid.  I don't think changing your core beliefs will happen but at least admitting there might be another way to do things is a good thing.

I am pretty sure that I don't care for most Opera.  I love music and there are a few places where someone singing Italian very loud is OK, but so far I don't think I want to sit through hours and hours of it.  I won't let that aversion stop me from listening to any music, just don't expect to find me in line buying tickets for Rigoletto.    My father loved the movies but he never met a musical he liked.  (Well, there was one movie with Theresa Brewer in it that he wanted to see but I think it was because he really thought she was cute) 

Speaking of movies, I am going to go see the new movie "Red Tails" today if at all possible.  I did a lot of growing up without much experience around blacks.  I loved the Military as one of the few places where doing your job was a hell of a lot more important than the color of your skin.  I really want to see the success of a bunch of committed young men to do a job that was very important.  Had those black Pilots not been there in those great P-51 Mustangs, the bomber crews would have continued to die in large numbers. I am confident that supporting the Bombers did support our efforts in the war and helped shape our victory. 

An editorial cartoon in today's paper showed both the Republicans and the Democrats as drunks wanting to drive the car.  It is unfortunate that people fail to see that both parties are running the Congress and most of the failures aren't the result of one party over the other.  For every one reason to elect one type person over another, we can find an exception.  People say that Newt is an insider and should not be President.  There is a lot to be said about the ability of Lyndon Johnson to get things done.  Mitt says we should elect a person who is not a Washington insider.  Isn't that the weakness of Obama?  If he could rally the parties and get things done we might not be in such trouble.   Unless, of course the President really doesn't add much to the real workings in Washington.  Oh well, I will continue with my reality and you do the same.


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