Hawks Won!

Unless you live in a cave, you probably know that Baylor Men and Women Basketball teams (Bo fum) were unbeaten until last night.   In a game right out of my fantasies, the Kansas Jay Hawks went to work in Allen Field House and schooled them in the manly art of round ball.   Baylor was ranked number three in the nation and KU was about 8th.  Be interesting what happens this next Monday when the new rankings come out.

With that said, the weather here is well on its way to being January like in the Heartland.  The temperature is about 25 with a 20-25 MPH northerly wind that makes it feel like zero.  Should warm up to 40 by the weekend.You never know what the weather in Kansas is going to bring.

Last night, we had our son and his wife over for dinner.  Dave's wife Barbara told a funny story.  It seems that Barbara was telling one of he co-workers that she couldn't wait until she got home to eat one of Dave' s dinners  The lady was aghast that Barbara didn't cook all the meals in her house.  "What does he do when he wants a good home cooked dinner?"   "We go over to his Dad's house" was Barb's reply.    Good stuff on the state of the world.  

Better get running, got a hot date with the wife across town.  


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  1. Well Keith does ALL of the cooking at our house:) He cooks I clean. We are equals. We both work, we both pay bills, we both raise our children and we share the chorse evenly. Wecome to the 21st century people! Oh, and Rock Chalk!!!