Mobile Phones Part Two...

Well friends, it appears that this old dog is either too old to learn new tricks or everything in this world is far too complicated.  I bought a TracFone and it has way too many bells and whistles for this old dog.  With my I Phone, when I wanted to end the session I was on, I would turn it off.  That would save the battery and incoming calls would ring in unless I turned off the ringer.  The TracFone just wants to go to sleep not be turned off.  If you turn it off, incoming calls go to voice mail at a cost a a minute each time I retrieve them.  Just let the damn thing go to sleep and everything is fine.   Barb called TracFone's hot line  and between the Indian English and an echo on the line we just could not figure out what the hell he was saying.  You know, Jim from the call center.

We are having our first Arctic Blast today.  Between the 25 MPH wind and the single digit temps, it is zero out there.  They say it may clear and warm up some but I'll watch it from the inside just to make sure.    At least I got out and got the paper and made sure the birds had seeds and water.  

With the wind blowing so hard out there, I am amazed that the turkeys or the deer aren't down here below the house in the creek valley.  There are enough birds here to tell me that Rabbit Run is a great place to sit out a cold blast.  Guess I'll do just that.


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