Dang Near Lost a Day

Yesterday I got up early and was preparing to take the trash cans out to the curb.  The wife asked what I was doing and I told her it was trash day.  Well, sitting around the house hasn't done much for my memory.  Our trash day is Friday and I was a day early.  Dang I hate it when that happens.

Our 'nother daughter is here visiting from Austin, TX.  She has two dogs and it is always fun for me to have them visit.  Our "dog less" abode can always use the excitement.   One of the two dogs is  deaf and she has no concept of how loud she barks.  The other dog is about the nicest dog you could want.  He will bark when the deaf one barks but is easily quieted.  He likes to be given attention but a little goes a long way. 

Our visitor has a new Chevy Volt.  She claims it gets at least 40 MPG on trips and way more when she has a plug in and stays around town.  I am going to try to get her to let me drive it s little today just to see what kind of guts it has.  One of these days we will probably have enough miles and need to replace the Crown Vic.

One worry that I now have is the threat of blood clots forming on long trips.  I sure the heck don't want a repeat of what I just went through.  I figure that for every hour behind the wheel I will need to spend at least 10 minutes walking.  That is not a big deal as both Barb and I love to take short walks in far away places.  She has one of those Fit Bits and tries to get in 10,000 steps a day.  Not sure how that will work when we start riding the bikes again.

Dave and his wife Barbara came over for dinner yesterday. I got him to help me knock down the "dead man" tree branch that was hanging over the deck.  It was about 300 lbs. of  dead tree that would have knocked the heck out of anyone that was near when it fell.  That was a worry that I no longer have.  Now, I want to mount the mower and clean up the place.  I guess I'll just have to talk to the doctor Monday and see what he thinks.  It may be a good time to get a new mower for the rental property and see how it runs. 

To me, it is amazing how inter twined our lives are. A few years back, I sang in the Barbershop Chorus with Jeff Kready who is now on Broadway.  When I mentioned him coming back to Topeka for a performance, my sister said she taught him in Junior High and he invited her to his senior recital at Washburn University.    I looked in today's paper to see if his show made the entertainment page and it sure enough mentioned him and the fact that his grandfather will be one of the Masters of Ceremony for our show tomorrow.  I mentioned it to Mel and she said that he mother did some plays at Washburn with him and she had been invited to take pictures of the play. 

Today I will listen to all the songs for tomorrow and  I just am loving the lead off song Happy Together.  I sure hope I have enough energy to continue singing after singing that song  It is a great song but the aggressive bass section is very aggressive and On a good day it take most of my stamina to sing it.  Our first and last song will feature the Bass section at its best and most of what is in between is just great songs.  After much encouragement, our director threw in his rendition of the State Song, Home on the Range.  It is a very lovely song with the bass singing a section of the song as leads and it just rocks. 

Oh well, better get this show on the road.



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