I am just sick, not Dying

I think I have shared with you that were I to die tomorrow, I would feel that I have led to full life. The only problem with that statement is I really haven't looked death in the face lately.  Well, I am sick but the Doctors can't seem to find a cause.   I had a really bad bout with bronchitis or what felt like adult onset Whooping Cough in February and haven't been truly well since.  In March I went back to the Doctor over a low grade fever and he put me on an antibiotic for 10 days and I felt better.  The fever is back but the accompanying shortness of breath and fever has him perplexed.    Me too.  

The other day we had our son and his in-laws over for dinner.  I smoked a pork loin and it was great.  When the visiting slowed down, I went out to load Dave's mower on the small utility trailer to take it back to his house.  I brought it here to do a fall tune up and put some new belts on it.  As I tried to move the trailer over to the car, I just ran out of steam. I could almost pick up the trailer and carry it but I couldn't even roll it to where I wanted it to be.  I moved it a little of the way and just had to sit down or fall down.   Every evening I also run a low 100.7 temperature and my blood pressure has been all over the place.  I got the mower home and just made it back to the couch  My blood pressure was in the 160/90 rand but what had me really worried was the pulse rate of 104.  I have had a resting pulse rate in the 60's for most of my life.  Now just walking to upstairs has me so winded that I am really worried. 

I had a stress test yesterday and the good news is that I managed to walk 6 minutes and 30 seconds.  The doctor that was monitoring me said my heart was working really well and there is no involvement in my heart in all what ails me.  Thank god for that.   They had a really nice lady doing a sonogram of my heart before and after the stress test.  She too scraped my chest with a dry razor and I look like a fat cat with the mange.  The good news is that I am not going to the beach to impress anyone.    I told her my old joke that the best cure for nudity over the age of 50 is a full length mirror.  

Sometime today I am going to drag out the Obituary I wrote a few years back and throw a quick update on it.  I don't think it will need much but it like my living will probably needs an updating.  I think the will Barb and I wrote a couple of years ago is pretty good and It'll do.

Yes, boys and girls, I must have been pretty much out of my mind when I did the first Version of Turbo Tax a while back.  I started over and I am about 10,000 less owed to the Federal Government.
That's another task to finish  this week. 

Today's paper said that KU held a press conference to say that Cliff Alexander is leaving for the
NBA draft.  Noting there to surprise us.  Get caught with your hand the NCAA's cookie jar and
it is something the Universities want to fight for.  He was a great young player and may be a force in the coming years.  He grew at least 50% this year but he is a work in progress.  With the loss of Kelly and Cliff, that's two slots they will have to select new players.  The only senior was a walk on.

Better get moving and see if I can get it all done while I can.

MUD, the sickie
Sick Lame and Lazy fall out to the rear.  Dang, I hated that when that happened.

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  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    How are you doing?????
    Has hospital food gotten any better?
    Take care, sj