Well Crap, Oh Dear,

I guess we get smarter because we have to learn things the hard way.  I now found that the symptoms of a cold and the flu can be something else entirely.

After the Month of February being at or near my death bed from the coughing/bronchitis  I had, I thought I was getting a little better.  I would have a week of low grade fever and  my pulse rate would fluxuate wildly.   I went to the doctor and he gave me a 10 day course of antibiotics.   I thought I felt a little better but not much

On Easter, I went out and tried to hook up my little trailer on the back of the Crown Vic.  I literally could not pick up the tongue of the trailer when in the past I could almost pick up the entire trailer.  All I could do was drop it and ask Dave out come help me hook it up   When I got back home, my pulse rate was 104 and my Blood pressure was 165 over 105.  That evening I ran a fever.

I was scheduled to have a physical the next day so I didn't go to minor Med or the ER.  Right after the doctor saw what rough shape I was in, he told me to go home and sit buy the phone while he scheduled some tests.  The first test was a stress test and I was able to walk about 6.5 minutes on the tread mill and my heart is in fairly good shape.

They scheduled me for a MRI that afternoon.  I went through the procedure and instead of going home like everyone else, I was put in a wheel chair and taken to the ER for admission to the Hospital.
I had accumulated enough blood clots in my lungs to make it look like I had been shot by a shot gun.  It wasn't the largeness but the amount of clots that made it next to impossible to breathe.  I started a Heparin Drip there in the ER and they looked for several hours for a bed to put me in. 

Since Tuesday last week, I have been poked, prodded and tested about every way possible.  To add injury to illness. they found some nodules in my thyroid they wanted to biopsy before I went home.  The problem with that was the instruction from Doctor crossed in the E-Mail system and the Nurse had already given me the first dose of Xerelto, the blood thinner.  The had to take me back off that and put me back on the Heparin and wait until Monday to get the Xerelto out of my system to then do needle biopsy.   Today.   The only good thing I can say is that I'm home for now.

MUD, the sickie 

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