Good News, Bad News

The good news is that the latest round of whatever is ailing me is not the same bronchitis type illness I had back in February.   The bad news is that after a round of antibiotics I am still running a late night fever. (101.5) The really good news is that I have a Doctor's appointment on Monday for a Physical and hopefully he might find the error of my ways.  There had to be something going on somewhere. 

The more I work on my taxes in Turbo Tax the less I like it.  I did a rough estimate on the taxes I would have to pay and I am way underfunded on withholdings and over paid in the input area.  I finally just started over last night and will see where it takes me today.  Part of the problem is that it asked me about interest it started making me fill out a form I have never used and I am unsure what percentage to use.  I am pretty sure that the taxes on $1800.00 should not increase my taxes by $4,000.   Oh well, whatever it says when I finish if it tells me there is not a likelihood of being audited, I will write a check and move on smartly.

Today we will be cleaning upstairs as we will have visitors for lunch tomorrow.   I am going to cook a Pork Loin on the grill spit.  I love to watch as the meat makes slow turns in the smoke.  It always is as good as it looks.  Throw in some smashed potatoes, green veggies, lots of rolls and it will all be good. 

What do you do with over-ripe bananas?  Barb makes banana cup cakes.  The only problem is my will power to not eat the all as soon as they are done.   They make the kitchen smell so good and with melted butter they are fantastic.  Heck, they are pretty darned good for breakfast the next day when they are cold. 

What do you like for breakfast?  My standard order on the road is Ham and two over medium, side of hash browns and dry whole wheat toast.  Yep, bring on the coffee.  I am not a big one for juice for breakfast.  At home, it is either cold cereal or whatever is left over in the fridge.  I will eat cold pizza, cold Bieroaks, cold banana muffin cupcakes and about anything.   I would rather have it cold.  Plus hot black coffee.

The other day after making a fairly large batch of Bieroaks, Barb tried to text a message to our son that she was bringing him over some.  The auto correct on the phone kept telling him that she was bringing buttocks.  She finally split it into two words Beer Oaks and it let her send the message unmolested.  Don't you love the technology of today.  In the past she would have just picked up the phone and called or like me just take them over.  I have never been turned away at the door when I have free food.  I do worry that my grand kitties will have forgotten me and run and hide when I come in.  They aren't like dogs and will remember you always.

This spring has been pretty dry and everything is dusty.  Even with the new furnace filters after a week everything has a layer of dust.  I read that a lot of dust in the house is dead skin.  Unless we are reducing to skeletons, we could not create this amount of dust.  I can imagine the lovely Dr Temperance Brennon examining the bones and declaring it the worst case of death by dry skin ever.  Yes, Natural Causes from dry air in Kansas.

THE END IS NEAR!   Yes sir, the NCAA Men's Basketball season is about over.  The final 4 games start tonight and will end next Monday night.  When the dust settles, I fully expect Kentucky to be on top.  They are a darn fine team and can close out games.  The good news is that unless the Doctor puts me in the hospital, I will be singing when the final game is played.  I will try to celebrate by stopping by Sonic and getting one of those half priced Chocolate Malts on the way home from practice.   I will do that no matter who wins.

Oh well, I'd better get started with the cleaning and taxes.  Either way, there is work to do.



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