The Campaign Trials and Tribulations

I read about the problems in America and yet when someone tries to talk about the role of Government in our lives, they are criticized for bringing up the subject.  Is the problem so big that we have to treat it like the elephant in the room and not even look at it in the light of day?   Is our problem the problem?

One of the topics out there is the fact that the poor are so poor and the rich are way to danged rich.  Is it the Government's role to try to adjust the reality of today in that area?  I contend that there is a need for Government to help the really needy but income redistribution might be a bridge to far.  We all read Animal Farm and the impact on all animals being equal as to their needs with some being more equal.  This leads me back to the point I have made several times that we do have the need to have equal opportunity not equal outcomes.  We need to provide the best schools we can and give everyone a chance at the start of the race but not award the losers more because that didn't win.  I can remember that everyone got a participation ribbon for little league but did it mean as much as the trophy for winning the league tournament?  Don't think so.

This past week Governor Christy openly talked about the "Needs Testing" he feels should be a part of the Social Security Program.  Once you make more than $80,000 you should have your benefits decline to the point that at $180,000 they go away.  Does that mean that everyone should have their Government Retirements be scrutinized and at some point eliminated based on a perceived need?   Does the ant who worked hard all it's life and provided a basis for retirement get penalized for that sacrifice?  Does the cricket that played through life get rewarded for not doing so? 

I don't think Governor Christy has the entire answer, but he at least drug the question out in the open and started the conversation.  What other things do we need to talk about?  Control of the border, Drugs, infrastructure are all out there hiding in plain sight.

The role of Government is variable as to where you are on the scale of life.   There is a basic need for Government to provide for basic needs of Defense, Law and Order, Fire Protection and support for the really needy.   Where you are will drive the need for Housing and food.  I would provide the best education we can afford to all students and let them go from there.  Where the end goal is a part of the problem and a good place for the discussion to start.

Today, I read that again the influence of the Koch brothers was mentioned.   I ask you, just how many dollars would it take to buy your vote?  Can you be swayed like advertising for corn flakes to eat one brand over the other?  I don't feel that way but I understand that you might.   How many people would get out and vote if they felt it would really make a difference?   If not, why not?  Are you so willing to let my vote count more than your non vote?  Then again, why?  

I am afraid that we are more willing to make the election a popularity race for the pretty and rich rather than a time we really discuss the problems.  Do the Democrats just want to give money to the poor?  Do the Republicans just want to give more to the rich?  If trickle down doesn't work, why are we trying to flush the problems away with a Federal budget that is about 71% of the outgo going to people and their programs? 

At one time, I tried to look at the assets in my life and build some form of pride in them.  I am now told that my hard work should not be passed on to my children without the Government getting a good lick at those dollars.  Am I bad because I have ideals and thoughts of better for them than the Government?  Would you bet that I would find a way to get them on the pass through to my future generations if I could.  Does that make me the bad guy?  Aren't the loop holes in out tax system just simple ways for people to pass on their money.  Surely you don't think that I have money so I can eat it all? 

Oh well, enough of this and moving on to the real things.  I am having interesting discussions with people in the family that have over time had the same medical problems I have.   One Niece told me about her procedure that was described by the doctor was the way it was done in the past.   They discovered a nodule and removed half of the thyroid.  It was inspected a slice at a time in the operating room and when it was not malignant, they let her keep half of the thyroid.  She has normal thyroid levels with half of the gland. She now suffers not from the procedure.  Oh well, one down and another cousin to talk to. 


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