I know that I have discussed that your perception of what is happening in your life is your reality.  It is not my place to try to tell you what to do and I know that my own strong will often gets in the way of my doing the right thing first and always. 

I do hope that by being older, I have more things to reference when I make up my mind.  I hope that I can have watched the good, the bad and ugly things in my life and will make fewer mistakes.  The problem with that is I see a lot of my older friends and relatives just get more stubborn as they lose control of the things they really can do.  If I can't control the things I can do, perhaps exerting my will over the things I say can give me the edge in life I am missing.  (NOT) Makes me wonder if this blog suffers from that a little bit?

One thing I am really trying to do is to soften my approach in what I say to my family on Facebook.  In fact I deleted several of them from my daily routine because of the fact I can't seem to stay out of the conversation when it doesn't go my way or the way I think it should go.

There seems to be several themes that I really feel strong about and mostly because I have learned the lessons the hard way I feel like butting in with my two cents.  First of all dear ones, Life isn't fair.  When you play poker, you often are dealt a few bad hands.  Deal with people and every once in a while there will be a few people that just don't like you as much as you think they should. That includes family with a capital F.  Not everything you do is worthy of a paragraph on Facebook every time it happens. The exception is when the text is accompanied with pictures of cute babies or dogs.  There have been times when I went home with a bloody nose - and deserved it.   Not always mind you but sometimes.

The Master Gardener and I just had an interesting discussion at breakfast.  She went all out and fixed me an omelet, sliced fruit and toast.   The kind of grub that you serve sick people that have been losing weight.  We discussed that I am feeling a little limited by the fact that I tend to overdo and hurt myself when I do.  Taking a medicine like Xerelto, makes any dangerous activity even life threatening.  I need to look around at the people that need work and start hiring some things done. 

Last year near the end of summer, I tried to hire a concrete guy to fix the pad in front of the garage.  A guy said he could get it done prior to the first freeze but I had nothing in writing and only a verbal estimate.   Now I don't have a good ability to even know who it was I talked to.  Not being a pack rat with paper, I am going to have to start that search all over again.  

I guess what I really need to do is get this finished and get some of the things I really can do done.  The telephone is not too dangerous for me to handle.  I need to get the oil changed on the Ford and pick up some more mulch on the other side of town.  Throw in getting my 5 gal can of diesel filled and I can probably spend most of this morning.  Better get cranking

I don't mean to try to tell you how to run your life, but I do hope that I have helped you understand that the hard feelings you have are your own and sometimes I didn't cause them.  Go sit in the sun some today and enjoy the spring like weather.  It will be hot enough soon enough.


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