The Truth and the Whole Truth

I saw my family doctor early this week and he scheduled me for a follow up visit with the endocrinologist (Thyroid Doctor)  When I was called from that office the nurse said that not only did I have a visit scheduled for today they wanted to do another Biopsy late in the Month.  Somewhere in all this, I don't think I have been given the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  To make that even more scary, I have been given an appointment for another stress test on my heart.  For someone who has gone months in pretty good shape, I wonder why all of a sudden I am being tested, retested and follow up tested.  If this is no big deal, what the heck is up with all these tests?

Oh well, enough of that.  Moving on to the Trials and tribulations of the Clinton Family.  Anyone that has followed their affairs know that if it is a shady lady involved, it is probably Bill's doing.  If it is walking the fine line of Lawyers working the edge of right and wrong it is Hillary.  When Hillary tells us that there is too much separation between the rich and the poor, I hope someone points out that Bill has made over 100 million giving speeches in the last couple of years.  I wonder how many entire school districts could have been run with that kind of money.  Is it possible that someone that has made that kind of money could entertain the needs of the really poor?  I doubt it.

The latest thing is that the Clinton Foundation has been the recipient of many questionable donations or gifts and Hillary's staff claims there is no relation between the gifts and her actions.  In the street vernacular, if it walks like a duck, look for a pond nearby.

One the other end of the stick, I have my doubts that there are any of the candidates that are walking and talking the right stuff in the coming election.  Just once (besides Christy of New jersey) I would love to see a candidate stand up and point out that we are on the path of destruction and propose some alternate routes to success. 

Clearly, our Government has gotten so large that we have as many people getting money as there is money coming into the Government by taxes.  We have to borrow so much money that it is not funny and last time I looked that is no way to run the railroad.    We have to increase taxes or cut money going out.  Increasing the number of people coming here that need our support is clearly not the way to balance the books.   Not to mention the amount of drugs those people are smuggling across the border.   Yes, I will freely admit that the drug problem is ours in that if we didn't use them, there would be no need for them to come across the border. 

As I think back, a couple of weeks prior to going into the hospital, I was on a 10 day series of antibiotics.  Since then, my guts have not worked well.  I wonder if I need to re-establish the good bacteria in there to get everything normal.  It sure isn't doing well right now.    I bought some Activia and I'll see if Jamie Curtis is to be believed.  She sure makes a credible commercial.  The black cherry Yogurt isn't bad either.

I had good intentions about trying to do a little mowing today just to get used to the work.  It rained last night so that is a bridge too far for today.  I may see if I can rent the nephew of Barb's something this weekend. 

Better close and get on the stick.


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