Pay It Forward

In the style of the Movie, Pay it forward, I would encourage each of you to do your best to get way ahead on the side of thanking people for doing a good job.  There is so much that we see that is good and we just don't share it with the people we see doing the right thing. 

Just this weekend I listened to a five minute diatribe about a person that is young and doesn't pull their weight in life.  I really wanted to ask the story teller if they were a part of the solution of part of the problem.  A quick hint that what they didn't do was important to you and then a little praise when they correct the behavior would go a long way.  The really sad part of the story was that the person that didn't do the right thing is someone that is not in my life and I probably will never meet them.

Is the poor performance of a crazy friend their fault.  Am I crazy to be upset by their behavior when I know they are certified crazy.  I think I read that doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes is the crazy part.   I hope to change the things I might but don't expect me to change the things you know are not going to change.  I don't have high hopes that the world will change soon, but I will always keep trying.

Have you heard the starfish story?  There was a guy on the beach throwing the stranded star fish back out in the water.  Someone asked him what he was doing.  he said he was saving the stranded starfish.  The observer said silly person, you can't save all of them.  He replied "At least I am saving these today!"


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