Day Off

Today is a travel day for the Royals as they journey towards their goal of winning a world series.  I think we all need a day off.  I wonder how tough it was for you to stay awake during that (snooze) ball game last night.  I am sure that I missed at least one run somewhere in there.  I needed a nap so it doesn't surprise me that I dropped of a time or two.

At what point in life does a person really start to show their age.  I normally have a decline over the winter months but generally snap back when I start working outside in the early spring.  This year I was not well and I just don't seem to be at my best here at the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  It worries me that it will be a lot harder next spring and I may not be up to the task.   We need to find a way to get in a few more miles walking to stay in shape. 

The paper had an article about people buying Royal's gear this year because of the success they are having.  I think they have ignored the fact that most of us have to buy new warm stuff once in a while no matter who is doing well.  Given a choice in a new plain sweatshirt or coat, I will pick one that says Royal's or KU on it.  At least I don't have any conflicts with our Monday night practice and KU games for the remainder of 2015.

The other day I was grilling some meat on the Weber and I smelled something that smelled pretty bad.  I guess I got too close to the fire with my right arm and I singed the hair on my arm.  The good news is that I didn't burn the skin but there is no hair on my right hand.  I guess I normally have that happen a lot more often and it doesn't amount to much when I am regularly grilling.  I had two grills going at the same time to get the chicken ready for Dave's party.

One of the sites I get pretty regularly in my e-mail account is about the Military.  Seems that it has finally hit hard that the Military is downsizing and it is looking for ways to make that happen.  Mostly right now they are slowing promotions and stepping up the prosecution for minor offenses.  There was a time when it was all hands on deck to go to war that there was an allowance for alcohol or drug offenses.  Now days it is directly out for the first offense.   As much as I hate it, it is really the time to clean up the act and if you screw up you are out, is more appropriate than making up boards to throw people out.  I know that I would have fallen victim of the boards had I tried to stay in the Army without my degree.  I did the smart thing and got out and finished my degree before trying to make a career in the Guard.  One thing I did notice was that it took a long time from Captain to Major right after Vietnam.  I think I stretched it to the maximum but it all worked out.

Well, better get moving or I might find my butt stuck here all day.


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