What Did You Do Today?

Here in a little while Barb and I are going to the Mother Earth Fair at the Kansas Expocentre.   It is hard to know if the little red line under Expocentre is because I spelled it wrong or because they do.  Either way, my choice is listed as one of the two ways.  It turned out that I left the letter O out of the correct spelling.  Duh!

We went to the Mother Earth Fair a couple of years back when it was in the park in Lawrence.  I am glad to see it will be inside today because the temperature is about 60 with a 20 MPH wind that would make it too cool to be comfortable outside.   Oh well, I will throw a coat in the car just incase there are some outside exhibits.  Having been inside for the singing of the National Anthem, I know that even inside it can be a little cool.

As much as I love the lower gas prices at the pump, the Oil Royalty checks just keep getting smaller and smaller.   I guess it is like free money and whatever it amounts to is enough.   I won't miss many meals no matter what.  Not that I probably don't need to miss a couple now and then.

Yesterday I wrote "Our minds can be the most wonderful things until our emotions get involved.  There are strange things working that make us stubbornly think that what we know is "The Answer."  What happens when we finally give in and realize that there are a bunch of "Right" answers and what we know is merely what we know, no more and no less."  You would about have to turn Buddhist or go crazy is the answer.

This is as close to having a picture of a Blue Jay as I have

Well, the Royals manages to beat the Blue Jays out for the American League Championship.  I hope that Lorenzo Cain doesn't have to pay for any meals this year.  His scoring from first base on a single to right field was amazing.  Having a pitcher that could shut the Blue Jays down in the 9th wasn't a bad thing. 

Oh well, Barbara would say, "Royals Who?"  Enough baseball talk until next Tuesday night.


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