When will this Blog End?

I have had over 900,000 hits on this blog and probably will quit before it hits a million.  If it was spring instead of fall I would predict a shorter run.  With the time available in the winter, I will probably not end it too quick.  One thing I really must do is try to remember why I write this blog.  It is a part of the therapy I use everyday to retain a normal mental health.  Whatever normal is. 

Today on Facebook a cousin posted a picture of their father when he was a young man.  It reminded me that we have mostly lost our parents that lived through WWII.  The soldiers (Paul Seward), the sailors (Glen Petty) and Airmen (Warren Petty) are no longer with us to tell tall tales of a time when the world went crazy.  The 40's saw over 11 million men inducted into the service in an attempt to return normalcy to the world.

I try to not get involved in conspiracy stories, but the number of Muslims, Chinese that are set on a course to not be friends with the world has me on edge.  Today the TV movies on one channel are all war movies.  So far it was the Submarines and now the Marines killing the Japanese.  I wonder what the world path might be if someone at the wheel wakes up to the threats and dangers. 

Does anyone else really wonder what will happen after the next election?  A part of me wants to have the Democrats win and for the blame of what I fear may happen fall on their shoulders.  It should be clear that the trail we are on was not trail blazed by just one party.  Whatever happens the next 4 years will be the blame of one party or the other.

Oh well, I will cut this off here and watch war movies until it warms up a few more degrees.


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