No Duh, You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Our minds can be the most wonderful things until our emotions get involved.  There are strange things working that make us stubbornly think that what we know is "The Answer."  What happens when we finally give in and realize that there are a bunch of "Right" answers and what we know is merely what we know, no more and no less.

Take for example the people that say they hate a politician because he thinks his or her position is the right way.  I do not like the President's approach to running our Government but I don't hate him for it.  His way of thinking is just different than mine.  He might enjoy living my life but I would hate the pressure of his job.

If life was like the daily dose of jeopardy and Alex Trebeck was there to confirm or buzz the wrong sound when we were wrong,  it would be a lot easier, except what about the times he is wrong?  I am not saying that we should give up and admit defeat, but we should often back off and consider the axiom that there can be more than one correct answer to a question.  The problem with being right is the responsibility that accompanies the authority.

When I commanded an Artillery Battalion, I often spent a lot of time getting to the best answer.  In the final stage, I would have to say, "Watch my Lips" and issue the way we were going to do something.  I found that I was often more right when I tried to get the whole understanding of the problem.  Either way, I knew that whatever happened, it was my responsibility if things went brown.

Yesterday, I had a CT scan that told me that my Pulmonary Thrombosis (thrombi) are almost clear and there is no real scaring.  I had a flue shot while at the doctor's office and spent the rest of the day feeling like an old dog.  I even ran a fever for a while.  I guess I will try to get over it today and do a few chores around the house to make up for it.  Our dust bunnies have dust bunnies.

Next week our son turns 40.  How could that be?  That makes me, oh crap 68.  Oh well, the alternative is to no turn 69 so I will just go with the flow. 

Life can be a Bike ride!


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